Monday, September 26, 2011

overcoming adversity

One of the toughest things parents struggle with is allowing their children to exist in situations which are uncomfortable for them. It's hugely anxiety-producing, and the natural desire of a loving mother or father is to dash in and resolve the difficulty, save the child and create a happy experience where there was distress. We want to protect our babies. We also don't really trust that they have the strength of resilience to cope. One of the hardest lessons we, as parents, have to learn is when to allow the child to work their own way through a difficult time and come through it on their own terms. It can be agonizing.
This article is the story of one parent's agony in this kind of circumstance. It's a great read. I hope you enjoy it and take comfort from it. Our children are strong and brave and resourceful. The future is bright.

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  1. What an intriguing article! Thanks for sharing it.