Wednesday, January 5, 2011


From time to time tiny moments stop me in my tracks. Even after all these years of working with children, the 'awww' moments are as powerful as ever. This morning it was Laurea in morning care. She had found a book and was standing leaning up against a countertop reading. People talked to her and she simply didn't notice. It's not unusual - children do get completely absorbed in books. But it gave me one of those heart-rushes all over again.

A few weeks ago it was Renata with her class on the bus. I was driving them back from a field trip (Carolina Chocolate Drops - amazing!) and Renata started explaining something from the Mahabharata to one of the students. One thing led to another, and very quickly all the kids were hushed and rapt, listening to her tell the story of the prince who saved a woman from an unhappy marriage and how that led to her implacable hatred of him. I was rapt too. But what stayed with me was the breathless attention of the children listening to a Hindu epic on a bus.

Andrew put me completely beside myself yesterday as he asked Susan if he was allowed to go out for recess. With this one it's hard to explain, but I came over all weak at the combination of his bundled-up-winter-gear adorability, his little face with the hat on and his soft-spoken politeness as he asked permission. I think maybe you had to be there.

And then there was the rush of excitement as children checked the EB lists and we heard 'Yes! I'm in Calligraphy!", or "Yes! First choice! Winter Sports!" or "I'm writing the book!" again and again. It makes me teary when they show so exuberantly how much they love what they're doing.

OK, enough with the display of emotion. But I do want to say again, thank you for sharing your children with us. We all love them very much.