Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome to the New School Year!

Here we are at the beginning of September already! This is going to be a year of adventures - we have new faculty and many new families joining us (WELCOME, everyone!!), we will be moving to a gorgeous new building, and we are kicking off our new, shiny middle school programs under the expert leadership of 5th/6th grade teacher Mark Benglian (Mr. B.).

Just to remind us all what it is that makes us special, we were recently awarded a Bezonki Award by the Ann Arbor Chronicle. What is a Bezonki Award, you may ask? Read here to find out more. It was awarded to SK "in recognition of their willingness to embrace and explore the unknown with creativity and good humor. When confronted with something that can seem baffling – like the inscrutable Bezonki! – they approach it with curiosity and see its potential. This is a skill and attitude that, when applied to civic affairs, serves our community well."

What a charming encapsulation of SK students and teachers, and their attitude and approach!

See you all on Tuesday!

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