Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Our two wonderful 5th graders graduated today. They are both moving on to Greenhills School. They will be much missed. I find it hard to imagine Summers-Knoll without them.

The performance that was presented by students in honor of Graduation was sweet, funny, erudite and adorable. From Shakespeare to Calvin and Hobbes to Winnie the Pooh, the students put their hearts and considerable talents into their performance. Thanks to all who took part! And thanks to Renata and Elaine for guiding and supporting them.

In keeping with tradition, I wrote a poem for each of our graduates. Here they are:

Maria’s Poem

I want to tell you something
Of a place that I have seen;
It’s a warm and shining country
Where Maria is the queen.

The sea is gold and sapphire,
The shore is jewel-bright,
The forests full of creatures,
The hills are full of light.

And on a mountain summit
Sits Maria, crowned with flowers,
And she gives her minions orders
For hours and hours and hours.

Her temper is volcanic
But her joy is like the sun;
When she’s sad there’s a tornado,
When she laughs the stars have fun.

Maria is Maria,
And she is all our own.
Even though she is a queen
Upon a mighty throne.

Michael’s Poem

Michael steers his ship
Carefully through complex waters.
He navigates the syllables
Of fiendishly elaborate
Words and phraseology.
His ship slides easily
Through mathematical rapids
And negotiates with whirlpools of work
And academic waterspouts.
Mike’s ship conquers all
Because he designed it himself
And built it
With the lumber of his brain and the fabric of his heart.
His own hands formed it:
A ship like no other
That will cruise uncharted waters
With unshaken calm and skill.
Take your ship far, Mike,
But stop by our port again.
We will be watching for your sail.


  1. These poems are so beautiful and fit the children very well. Mike's poem made me cry. Thank you so much, Joanna, and all the rest for a wonderful four years. Ingrid L. Kock

  2. Wow - these poems moved me to tears as well. I feel so lucky my son has had an opportunity to know these two kids and will be a part of this community for years to come.