Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recess Thoughts - and conference

Recess is important to all our children in so many ways. It gives them a time to let their thoughts wander and flow. It develops creativity. It refocuses brains and recharges attention spans. It allows social relationships and physical health to develop effectively. It enables those magical moments we all remember from childhood when our time was our own and we reinvented the world. At Summers-Knoll we have watched with delight year by year as the children have played together (kindergarteners, third graders, sixth graders all muddled in together), created forts from leaves or snow, swung and slid, made mazes in the woodchips, climbed trees, made landscapes from leaves and twigs, dug holes through the sand to the center of the earth, collected bugs, and so much more. Recess is a time for rejuvenation and joy. Without it, learning is harder, concentration is fragmented, and quality of life suffers.

There is a one-day conference on October 25th called 'Rethinking Recess', co-sponsored by the Rudolf Steiner School and a local not-for-profit organization called Generations to Come. You can find details here: It is open to families, teachers, anyone who has an interest in the benefits to our children of play and connecting with nature.

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